I'm Chelsea. 33. Left the suburbs to pursue condo living in downtown Greenville, SC. With four kids. 'Cause we're crazy.

Things that make my heart go pitter-patter:

Jesus, grace, my husband, my babies, birthweb design, writing, reading and insatiably seeking out information on any of the above. 

I love to be just different enough that I'm not completely a conformer, but fit in just enough to be taken seriously. 

We have four tiny humans: Ben, Adalyn, Landon and Ella. 

I want to be transparent and vulnerable. Well, I probably don't want to but I fight against my better nature to shut down and put on a fake face.

Things you should know about me:

I care about food (but sometimes I go to McDonald's because Big Macs, amiright?).

I'm a Christian.

I'm a bleeding heart liberal (I've been told this is impossible more times than I can count, but I assure you it's not only completely possible but also Biblically-based).

I've wanted to be an author since I took my first breath on this earth. So far, no dice.

I'm a self-taught graphic and web designer and those things have completely taken over my life in the form of a business. My mom spent my freshman year of college trying to convince me to switch my major from journalism to graphic design. Why didn't I just listen, mom?! 

I'm not a super emotional person, but put me in front of the ocean or mountains and I'll cry buckets of tears and feel overwhelmed by God's presence. 


  1. Do you have an email I can send questions to?

  2. Sure! chelsea.hibbard at gmail dot com :)

  3. I've followed your blogs for awhile since we were in an expecting board together for our now almost 6 (!!!) yr olds. I just found this article and was shocked and saddened by it. It immediately made me think of you and I thought you'd find it as shocking as I did. https://www.yahoo.com/parenting/couple-fights-for-custody-of-children-following-104434804787.html

    Thank you for all the great writing. I enjoy your posts and updates about your children's eczema. My daughter has a mild case with only occasional flare-ups but I've found your research very informative and helpful.

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