Rape Culture, as demonstrated by Donald Trump

I was 22 years old. I was single. I worked at a bar & grill and we spent most nights hanging out and drinking a few beers after work or going to the bowling alley. 

On one such night at the lanes, I found myself the object of the attention of a cute boy. It was supposed to be innocent. Fresh off a relationship, he was just your regular rebound. There wasn't anything special about him except that he was freakishly tall and thick. I'd never dated anyone really tall before.


A promise of a new day

This weekend, mom and I loaded up a suitcase, hopped into her little silver Corolla and hit the highway, beach-bound. I've never made it a secret that there's no place on earth that gets me like the ocean. 


Breaking Reverie

I'm not a highly introspective person, so I made it quite far in life before I realized how much I didn't like my actual life - at all. I spend so much of my time daydreaming and pining away for better times sure to come. I'm always so certain that if I can make just this one little change, then all the cards will magically fall in place and I will be happy. 

Sound familiar? 


So your child has eczema...

Because we have shared our eczema journey quite openly and transparently over the years on this blog, across social media and now on Landon's eczema awareness Facebook page, people reach out to us quite a bit with lots of questions. I absolutely love that we can offer advice and walk through the journey with others, because I need to believe that in some way, Landon's pain and suffering will help others. I have to believe that there is a purpose to all of this much greater than any of us can see. While I'm sure I will never fully understand what it is, I hope that a small part of it can be helping others through what we've learned over the past seven years.


When it all seems impossibly hard.

I embraced transparency in 2015 and so in 2016, my goal is to move forward, pursue it harder than ever without fear of being lambasted for it. So there will be a lot of this in 2016.

Dear, sweet mama,

I see you, swinging your arms wildly to corral all your children in the van. Your daughter is walking so slowly you're sure she's doing it just to get under your skin, dragging her coat across the dirty ground, having ignored your 18 requests to put the thing on. Your frustrations are mounting and your temper is bubbling just below the surface. You can feel the pressure build and know it's only a matter of time before you blow up, probably the moment you're alone with them, because you can keep your cool in public.