An eczema update

It's been over a year since I posted our eczema success story. It's horrifying to me every time I point someone new to this blog post to try to help their kiddos, and I see these old pictures and am reminded of how challenging life was for them at that time.

I've had a few people ask me how things are going now, and someone even emailed me on Etsy yesterday after finding our last post and not being able to find a recent update (I guess I need a better contact button on my blog, eh?). So here's our update!


Our kitchen renovation is almost complete!

We bought our house about a year ago. It was an incredible deal for the size (five bedrooms plus an office, 3100 square feet), so we couldn't pass it up. But compared to some of the other homes we were looking at that were smaller, it needed more work. There was nothing truly wrong with this house. There's just a lot of builder grade things, not much had been updated and it wasn't really my style. But that's okay, we can work with that over time. No biggie.

The kitchen was really the only thing that mattered to me when we were buying a home. Everything else, I could live with. But the one thing I wanted was a nice, large kitchen with nice appliances. I spend so much time in the kitchen, and it was just my big dream. This house definitely had the large sized kitchen! But it lacked in the aesthetics department. Random sidenote: the one thing I wanted, like I said, was a kitchen I didn't need to renovate, and the one thing Tim wanted was a great location for biking/walking/running, and neither of us got what we wanted, go figure!


The homebirth of Ella Grace

Wednesday evening, October 1st, I had given up on the idea that labor would come anytime soon. I lay in bed most of that day, dejected and in lots of pain. I wrote a blog post. I took a bath. I had Ben come in the bedroom that evening so I could help him with homework and actually feel like part of the family, because the last months had been so tough on me and on our family. I’d felt so separated from everyone after the first three months of awful morning sickness and the last three months of awful pain. This fourth pregnancy was no cake walk. That I was sure of. I was so ready for baby girl to come and for the months of discomfort to be done. 

Ben scribbled on his paper and I stared at him in awe, recognizing that he was about to become a big brother once again. I knew in his eyes, he was going to feel kicked down the totem pole once again when new baby arrived and his mama would be sucked back into newbornhood and all that entails. I cherished those moments doing homework with him. I was mesmerized by how far he’d come in his short month and a half in school as he spelled out words all on his own before my eyes. I smiled at his chubby little kid fingers, clutching his pencil and working with all his might to perfect his spelling.