A Hibbz Family Outing

Take a quick peek at this video and then scroll down. :)

Oh heeeeeeyyyyyy.

That's how I told hubby we're gearing up for baby #4. I suppose I could have waited 24 hours for this to pop out and it could have done the talking for me, but I'm glad I found the coolest way yet to tell him!

This baby was very much planned and as that was a first for us, it was so exciting to anticipate it, go through negative after negative test, counting this month out completely, then being a few days late and randomly testing to find a suuuuuuuuper faint line staring at me. My heart about jumped in my throat as I grabbed another brand, tested, and waited with shaky hands to find a slightly darker line greeting me.

Since we planned this baby, I wanted to take some time to put together a cool announcement. Something memorable that will be ours to cherish forever. I'll always adore the video we have of Ben telling Tim we were expecting Adalyn.

While my sis-in-law was here last week, being the budding videographer she is, I asked her if she could take some video footage of our family hanging out in downtown Greenville to help me put together this little surprise for when we eventually (God willing) got a positive. I told Tim I wanted more pictures/videos of us documented (which was partially truth) and I quickly began editing in iMovie, so excited even though I didn't think I was pregnant at the time. I figured I had at least another month to finish it up, so I put it aside to tackle some work projects instead.

Then a few days ago, I took that random test while I was getting into the shower, set it on the counter and forgot about it. I knew I was already two days late, and I've always gotten crazy early positives. So I'd written off hope for that month but some tiny voice inside me told me to just take one more for the...fun of it or something. A few minutes after I got out of the shower, I happened to glance down and just as I was getting ready to toss the test in the trash - BAM! A teeeeeny, tiny faint line. 

I wanted to tell Tim right that very second! But I couldn't because I hadn't finished this stinkin' little video and I was bound and determined to make it cool (our last pregnancy was announced by me calling him at work, crying, asking him if he was sitting down and proceeding to sob like a baby - I had a six month old colicky baby at the time, so that pregnancy came as a complete and utter shock). 

I threw together the ending of the video as quickly as my little fingers would let me and told him I would love it if he could give me 3 minutes to check out the video I put together from all the footage his sis took. I tried to capture his reaction on film, but the guy moved the laptop where I had it all set up to show him (he wanted to sit on the couch to watch it), so that part was a bust. 

/////Just insert awesome reaction here/////

We all know that I look six months pregnant the day I get the positive (even with my first, but it just keeps getting earlier every time), so just roll with it. At least by now I don't have to fear looking like I've got 8 babies in there by the end. I know that as some point I slow down and catch up to normal pregnant women. But this time it's so crazy that when we showed my mom and dad the video yesterday, my mom said, "You know, I suspected it! I just didn't want to insult you by asking you why you looked pregnant." There no hiding this baby bump! So at 4 weeks, there's your announcement.

Although we are hopeful to foster at a later point in our lives, this little babe should complete our family  for now and my heart is about to explode with anticipation. :)


  1. Congratulations!!! Looks like you guys are having a great start to 2014! A new house, all of your littles are healthy, and a new bundle of joy on the way!

    (I'm Kelly from back in the old days when we were pregnant with our first borns and were on the December chat board on ivillage together ;) )

    1. Thanks so much, Kelly! :) Good to "see" you again!