Intentionality: it's what's for dinner

I'm trying really hard right now to be intentional, in all aspects of life.

An intentional mama. To me, that means choosing to be present every single day. Not letting the day slip away while I load and unload the dishwasher 18 times a day, check and re-check my email 97 times a day, "pop online real quick like" to, you know, do something I absolutely, positively don't need to do while the kids are awake, like shop for curtains online. The list goes on. I should choose my children every morning and keep choosing them all day long. I do choose to have a side business but ultimately, I should choose my children first, above and beyond any other obligation, always. I knew when I was a little girl that all I wanted was to marry an awesome man and have children. I've done those things, but somewhere along the way I decided that a side business and the internet were equally as important. That's not true at all. Not only are those things not as important, they don't even hold a candle to the ones who call me mommy. Or the one I took my vows with.

An intentional friend. To me, that means choosing to keep in contact with all those I love so much. I've spent a lot of time doing stuff that doesn't even matter while neglecting the people in my life I love and the ones who love me back. I'm so lucky to have a handful of awesome people who love me back. I should make a better effort to keep up with their lives, to let them know that I think they're awesome and to show them I love them.

An intentional wife. To me, that means choosing to show my husband I love him in ways that I know he hears love. More touchy-feely. More sit down conversations. More just saying the words, "I love you." I'm so crazy lucky to have someone who treats me like gold. Truly...gold. He loves me even when I'm not being someone deserving of love. We've had our battles. We've had really hard times. We even wondered for a little bit if we'd make it. But we prayed and we worked hard and we overcame the obstacles and we became 10,028,048,018 times stronger. I know that lots of couples just...fall out of love. Life gets busy, children become the priority, so much so that couples lose sight of themselves and their relationship. The kids grow up and the marriage grows stale. And then you have a surge of empty nesters getting divorced because they just grew apart. Intentionality is the best way I know to make sure that we never find ourselves in that place. I want to grow old with my husband. All gray and wrinkly, living out our dreams and loving each other like crazy.

An intentional Christian. To me, that means devoting more time to the most important thing in this world: my God. I have slacked hardcore. At some point, as Landon became fussy, my business got busier and we moved cross-country, I just stopped getting up early every morning and diving into the Word. And believe you me, this girl has felt it BIG TIME. It's so true that we need a relationship with Him. Going to church on Sunday is something anyone can do. But to know Him and to have a relationship with Him is breathtaking. Words can't do it justice. Neglect any relationship, though, and it doesn't take long to grow apart, to forget how important that relationship is to you. The same can be said for God. I  need to be intentional, to be in the Word, to pray and to give Him the first of my day. Every day.

And finally, I just want to be intentional, period. I want to set goals and DO THEM. I don't want them to be these stupid little fleeting trials. I want them to be forever changes. That doesn't mean I don't get to try something on for size and decide it's not me, but right now that's pretty much the story of my life. 

Here's a little intentionality to start things off right. I have been shamefully neglecting the documentation of my kids' lives! Ben has a baby book that's about 1/118th filled out. My other children don't have one at all. FOR. SHAME. I'm so bad at that part of motherhood. So I've been trying really hard for the last few weeks to take lots of videos in hopes that every week I could compile them all into a little weekly recap. It ain't a baby book, but it's a start! And maybe I can be a more intentional blogger, too! ;)

a week of wild weather from Chelsea Hibbard on Vimeo.

I'm a few weeks behind, but this video starts the day before Thanksgiving with SNOW(!) and within a week we were in a heat wave, playing outside in short sleeves and soaking up the sun. We hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our new house, which was awesome. There was a little exploring of downtown Greenville, lots of outside time, Christmas decorating, a downtown date with my honey, and even a trip to Urgent Care when Landon busted his eye open with a stocking hanger. A little medical glue solved that lil crisis. But he's proven himself to be our daredeviliest daredevil of all our kids ever since, with many more bangs and smacks and falls.