My Valentine.

I've been super silent around here lately, I know.  No excuses.

I did want to take about five minutes to throw together this post to dote on my hubby, though.  Today we celebrated Valentine's Day as a happily married couple, very much in love.  Last Valentine's Day, we weren't in the same place in our marriage.  No need to reveal all our dirt, but let's just say we've come a really, really long way in a year's time.  Thanks all to God and a wonderful Christian counselor, our marriage has been radically changed. 

I couldn't let this Valentine's Day go by without my husband knowing just how much I love him and cherish him and how grateful to God I am that we are together & stronger than ever.  That we made it through the trials, overcame the enemy and learned how to love each other.  That might sound silly, but after this last year, I'm a believer that we all have to learn how to love the person we're with.  In the right way; the way that makes the other feel loved.  

My hubby surprised me with an afternoon date yesterday - lined up a sitter and all.  And we had an amazing time.  I feel so refreshed and connected when we're able to get away together, just the two of us.  

So today, I wanted to surprise him.  And I think I did.  

Oh my mushy love video from Chelsea Hibbard on Vimeo.

Love this man.