It's January 1st (er, 2nd)

It's that time of year again.  January 1st, time to start over.  Get a "redo."  You either love it or you hate it.  You either jump on board with resolutions or you vehemently decry the whole shebang.

Okay, that's not entirely true since I, myself, am a middle-of-the-roader about the whole deal.  Some years I set resolutions.  Sometimes I follow them.  Sometimes I don't.  Some years I don't set any.  Some years I don't even think about it (although I'm not sure how that's even possible with the sheer amount of resolution-making that goes on and is all in-yo-face the entire month of January).    

Jami Nato wrote this great post about the real motivation behind resolutions.  As a Christian, I feel it's a great post to read.  Our resolutions are so often centered squarely on the wrong motivation: bringing ourselves glory.  Sure, every year I resolve to lose weight (shoot, every day).  I resolve to try harder to network with other bloggers.  I resolve to do more crafts.  Whatever.  You get the point.  The resolutions I make center around being "hotter," "famous," well-liked or to appear better than I am.  

When we focus on bringing glory to God, our resolutions are made in a way that's much more likely to stick.  I was reading a devotional in YouVersion the other day and stumbled on this great quote:  "Shallow desires produce shallow efforts."  I thought it was deep.  Totally accurate.  But resolutions in and of themselves are not evil.  January 1st brings with it a sort of peace.  Like, hey, last year was some good mixed with some bad and wouldn't it be really great to get a clean slate now?  Do some things you wish you'd done last year but never got around to?  

So this year, I'm making some schmesolutions (resolutions without the connotation), and they look like this:

Be more active.  I'm not happy with my weight, but I'm not unhealthy.  I eat well 90% of the time and I'm nursing a baby, so being 15 pounds overweight might be annoying and not at all beneficial to my self-esteem, but it's not putting my health in jeopardy so I'm *not* setting a resolution to obsess about the scale.  I just want to be more active.  Because I'm not.  And because I know it's good for my body.  Because I want to set a good example for my children.  

Blog more.  For the right reasons.  I love to blog because I love to write.  I majored in journalism and writing is single-handedly the most therapeutic thing I can do in the entire world.  It brings me an inner peace that nothing but God can touch.  Since I didn't get to make a career of my writing, the next best thing is to make a hobby of it.  I'd love to blog more without giving a hoot about gaining followers.  It's so shallow and really, ridiculous.  Who cares if I have 5 followers or 5000?  I suppose you could make an argument out of being able to bring more glory to God if you have more followers, but my attitude is not there at all.  When I focus on trying to network or "be somebody," I completely lose sight of everything that matters.

Be a better mom.  Not be a better mom in public so people like me.  I just want to be a better, more present, more intentional mom to my kiddos.  They deserve it.  They make my world go 'round, and sometimes I ignore them because I want to clean or organize or get on the computer or read a book or whatever.  I want them to be my focus.  

Be a better wife.  Behind closed doors, I want to treat my husband and children better than everyone else.  You know how often we give the best to strangers and the worst to those closest?  Way too often.  I want to be the opposite of that.  Not to say I want to give my "worst" to strangers, but I want to spend my good energy on those who mean the most.

Continue on Project Real Food.  It's been a few months since even touching on PRF at all.  The holidays'll do that to you.  Time to get back on track.  This year I'd love to figure out, once and for all, how to eat healthy on a budget.  

Most importantly, give God the glory; continue growing in my relationship with Him.


  1. beautiful chelsea! <3 I wrote a new years blog to. It is so neat how we think alike sometimes. you are a blessing. Keep it up. The Lord is using you in big ways, and I know He has great plans for you! Love ya momma!