Okay, right?  My friend Christine, the little whiz mama she is, decided her precious little girl McKenna had to have a bikini onesie.  A bikini onesie?!  Never even heard of such a thing!

Possibly I'm behind the times here because I search "bikini onesie" in etsy and, like, a billion and eighty-two listings come up.  But that's okay.  Sometimes I'm late to the train.  Or, late for the game?  Late for...the...someone help me out.  Late with my brain.  Oh, that's it for sure.  I am so late with my brain.

When you have a baby they must deliver part of your brain along with your baby.  Except they don't wrap it up in a blanket and hand it back to you.  They just sock it away somewhere and it's never to be seen again.  In case you were wondering.

Okay, back to the onesie we shall go.  I played around with some different drawings of the bikini but liked this one the best.  I totally love the precious little tank top onesie she bought from the Gap.  Isn't it the sweetest?!  I like how it turned out.  Hope she likes it, too!  I made a little matching flower clip.  It's the newest flower I've tried out and I'm totally digging it.  I'll make up a quick tutorial for it this week but there are a thousand of these floating around on the innernets if you're not of the patient variety like me.


(Little) Big Girl!

My son was an itty bitty thing.  I say was like he's not still itty.  Ha.  I think he's in the third percentile now?  I guess it's been awhile since our last appointment, but we aren't surprised when his 12 month swimsuit falls off him while he walks.  He's just a little dude like his daddy.  I don't mind, especially now that I can sew his clothes and make 'em extra wee.

ANYWAY.  Where am I even going with this?  Addie's 6 month appointment was this week.  This girl is chunk-a-dunk.  Like, rolls galore.  Here, let me pull up a little picture I snapped a few days ago on my phone and we can discuss this:


Okay, she's a big girl.  Right?  Right.  It's okay, this is the one time in life when it's okay to call a gal fat.  I was expecting, oh, 60th percentile, 70th...80th?

Nope.  44th.  Huh?  If that is 44th, what does a baby in the 90th percentile look like?  Oh my baby fat.  And that's the weirdest part of it all.  I've SEEN lots of babies in the 80th, 90th percentile and they look smaller than Little Big Addie.  Not that I'm wasting good, valuable time analyzing this or anything.  Not me.  I wouldn't ever take something small and insignificant and beat it into the ground.



So hubby comes home from work that day and I unleash all of the above on him.  He stares at me blankly and then he's all, "I spent exactly zero seconds thinking about any of that."  Okay, okay.  This is a girl thing, right?  Other moms analyze their baby's stats TO DEATH, right?

PS - I analyze this to death because I did have such a small boy and I think deep down inside, no matter how confident you are as a mother, you can't help but let your mind wonder to the "Did I do something wrong" aspect of things now and then.  We had a lot of medical issues with Ben his first 18 months and his weight was one of them.  I always felt like it was somehow my fault, even though rationally I know it wasn't.  I was excited to have a baby at the opposite end of the spectrum to somehow reassure myself that I am capable of feeding my children properly.  Or something.


New happenings.

We were all struck with some fun summer colds this week (c'mon, it's like 192 degrees...a cold?), so it provided some extra time at home to get things done.

Sewing cures the common cold.  Now you know.  You're welcome.

Honestly.  I was really sick for exactly one day (which is so unlike me) and my little sweet pea is still going strong.  Sneezing, crying, coughing.  It's so sad.  I want to squeeze her and kiss her all day long and explain to her that it's just a cold and she'll feel better soon but I don't speak baby and she doesn't understand grown-up.

Anyway, the key is to start sewing within hours of feeling crummy and sew as much as you can.  It kind of takes your mind off the yuckiness anyway, and before you know it that cold will be G-O-N-E.

So here is my medicine:

Another Bryten Ruffle Neckline Dress, this one the custom for a little girl's first birthday.

A Tie Onesie for a little one.  How studly is this?!

Some shorts for my little man.  I got this Robert Kaufman Pooches & Pick-Ups fabric recently and was so excited to use it.  I think it's ridic cute.  Ben loved his "truck shorts."  Mama loved that he loved 'em.

I think I'm going to make Adalyn a dress out of this fabric for matchy-matchy.  I love matchy-matchy and I also kind of love taking boyish fabric and turning it girly with some ruffles and such.  What do you think?

I made him a matching tie tee in coordinating Robert Kaufman fabric and I was pleased as punch with the results (I almost deleted that line because, whoa, pleased as punch?, but it's funny, right?  So I left it.)  Ben proudly showed everyone his tie at church today.

I finished up big sister's dress today and I just love these two fabrics together.  They're from Amy Butler's Midwest Modern Line.  Amy Butler, I love you.  In the way girls love other girls who design the coolest fabric of all time, of course.  I'm SO excited to see these on the cuties they were made for!

A new rocketship tee.  I heart this one.  I don't know why, I guess the fabric just works for me.  It's my style with the polka dots and such.  Fun fact: I almost named my shop The Polka Dot...something.  I tried The Polka Dot and all sorts of other combinations and they were all taken.  Hence, The Blue Swirl was born.  I love polka dots though.  Shoot.

The next projects in the works are:

Perfecting my baby shoes

Tackling knit (if you sew, you understand, I have to say no more) so I can make some comfy baby clothes
A new tutorial for YOU!

Working on fall clothes.  Mostly because I just want to remind myself that it will, in fact, not be 8000 degrees forever.  Someday it will snow.  And I will wish for 8000 degree weather again.


The Newest Item at The Blue Swirl!

A friend of mine asked me to make her two daughters matching dresses for her sweet little girl's first birthday.  I love customs, and this is the biggest reason!  They result in adorable things like this:

Note the block on her foot.  Big brothers are fun, she says.

I like to make a product at least once for a trial run before I make it for someone else, and this is a dress I hadn't made yet.  My kids are always the recipients of my "trial runs."  :)

I got to sewing last night and I couldn't stop because I was so excited to see this come together. That's what I do.  I stay up 'til 1:30 working on projects like this and then wonder why I can't. drag. myself. out. of. bed. when the kids come calling.  But the late hours last night were worth it because I'm so happy with the finished product.  It's adorable on my little sweet pea.  Now she just needs a matching hair accessory because the poor girl took after her mama* and is a little baldie.

The dress is now up in the etsy shop hereand is pretty customizable.

*I was bald as a BABY, not now.  Just felt like I should clarify that.


Not my year.

Overall, yes, it's been a fantastic year.  My baby girl was born, my little boy is growing before my eyes (POTTY TRAINED!  That's right!  That's what's up!), I started this business and I've developed some awesome new friendships.  So I shouldn't complain.

I shouldn't.  

But I'm going to take five minutes to put it out there in the universe.  Because that's what I do.  Then it floats away on a complaint cloud and is never to be seen again.  Sometimes.

My blackberry is the worst phone of all time.  I say that about pretty much every phone (Sprint, if you're listening, I'm begging you to get the iPhone) but this time I really mean it.  It's frozen more than it isn't.  Sometimes I get in the car, pull my phone out of my purse to check emails and whatnot, it freezes so I usually chuck it on the seat in anger and then a 12 minute drive later I grab it, thinking surely, surely, surely it won't be frozen anymore.  Only it IS.  What's the point of a phone if it's unusable more than it isn't?   It irritates me to even pay for phone service on a phone that barely works.  Maybe I'm exaggerating a wee bit.  But seriously.  Arrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhh.

Then our dishwasher starts spilling rust out from the little rinse aid thingy-majigger.  Okayfinewhatever.  It's ugly but it works fine.  Then it starts leaking water.  Just a little bit at first.  Now a lot more.  Only sometimes it doesn't leak at all.  Weird, right?

Our front-loading washer is surely chummy with the devil.  It SMELLS.  Ew.  No one ever told me you had to clean out a front-loading washer often when I bought it.  No one ever told me, either, that they suck.  And they leak water out the front at some point.  It's inevitable.  And they don't do a great job with cloth diapers.  They're just no good, okay?  Don't get one.  Last night, when every last pair of my son's undies were dirty (is that TMI?), the washer decided not to turn on.  At all.  It was 1:00 a.m. and I plugged and unplugged frantically because I was supposed to go to Bible Study this morning (that didn't happen) and I thought surely if I just jiggled some cords and whatnot that it would work (that didn't happen).  Sometimes it does this.  It just doesn't work for a day or so.  And then it works again.

Which brings me to the Wii.  We don't use it for much of anything except streaming Netflix because we don't have cable.  But every once in awhile it just won't turn on.  So you unplug it and leave it that way for a few minutes and plug it back in and it'll work again.  Just in case your Wii is also possessed.

I joined Google+ recently (let me know if you need an invite, I LOVE it), and Google+ is tied into Picasa albums.  I decided to go in and clean up my Picasa albums since they were now visible to the world.  Only I didn't realize that when you use Blogger's handy little upload feature, they store your pictures in your Picasa albums.  I deleted years worth of photos that I can't get back now.  That's why this blog is now missing most of its pictures and why I won't even go to my old personal blog because I know I'll just break down in tears when I see broken images all over the place.  :(

And finally, my macbook.  I really do love my macbook.  A previous Windows user, the macbook rocked my world.  Up until a month ago.  It started overheating, then the case started bulging and it would get super hot.  Then the bulging caused some cracking and now my computer is just a hot mess.  A google search turned up lots of forums where people were discussing faulty mac batteries and how they go bad over time and swell up/bulge and they're a safety hazard so they replace them for free.  Sweetness.  Oh, but not mine.  My lovely hubby shuffled my laptop over to the Genius Bar but they said it's a no-go.  They said my battery failed some diagnostic test but it's not bulging so I can pay $120 for a new one.  Or not.  Along with all of this, my battery life suddenly went from OH-MY-GOSH-SO-AMAZING to CANT-TAKE-THE-LAPTOP-OFF-THE-CHARGER.


Negative Nancy OUT.