Turned a corner, perhaps? Or maybe I'm just jinxing myself.

The past few days, Adalyn has been a much less fussy baby.  She still cries.  A lot.  Don't get me wrong. But she's now sleeping.  A lot.  Maybe too much?  I don't know, but like my husband says, don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

The sleeping a lot thing has led to a happy baby much more often than we're used to.  I've snapped more happy baby videos in the past three days than I had in her entire life to-date.  Woot!

Here's one such example.  :)  She was having a grand old time staring at the ceiling fan while mommy got a quick work-out in.  Did you hear that?  I got a work-out in while Adalyn was awake!  This is unprecedented!   (The first ten seconds are BO-ring.  And the last ten.  Oh, AND the quality leaves a lot to be desired.  Cell phone camera.  'Nuff said.)

Here are all of Adalyn's stats (old ones for comparison):

3 days old: 7.69 lbs (51%), 20 inches (66%), 13.25" head circumference (20%)
2 months old: 11.69 lbs (61%), 23 inches (63%), 15" head circumference (22%)

She looked great at her appointment.  Her shots didn't go over well, which was funny for us because Ben, like, doesn't feel pain.  At all of his shot appointments, he would shed maybe two tears and then go back to business as usual.  Adalyn screamed this crazy scream and just wouldn't calm down.  I, of course, broke into hysterics crying myself.  But she's healthy and slowly getting happier, so I can't really complain (ahem - much).  God is good.


Colic, a new double stroller and a case of the terrible twos.

Oh my goodness.  Today was a rough one.  Adalyn has been a fussy baby since about week three, but most days we survive just fine.  Then, every once in awhile, a day like today hits me.  It pummels me and knocks the air right out of me.  I finish the day a weeping pile of hormones on the floor and my poor, sweet husband is left to pick up the pieces.  Thank God for him.  Days like today usually come on the heels of a rough incident with Ben.  Terrible twos + colic?  Not fun, my friends.  At one point in the day, I sent Tim an e-mail entitled, "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  You get the point.

We woke up this morning, excited to spend the morning with some friends we don't get to see nearly often enough.  Straightening my hair, once a fifteen minute job, now takes upwards of an hour.  I brush, straighten a strand, rush to screaming baby's side, push paci vigorously back in her mouth, admittedly even pleading with God to just make her happy for fifteen minutes so that I can finish the job.  Rinse and repeat a dozen times.  Halfway through this tedious and exhausting process Ben comes in the bathroom to open drawers, pull all contents out and draw on his face with eyeliner.  Cue more baby cries, more attempts to settle her with the paci, more begging God as I watch the clock tick away.  Nothing stresses me out more than being late, and I am always late these days.  I corral Ben in front of the TV.  Not my proudest mommy moment.

We made it and had a ball.  I'm so thankful for wonderful friends (hi Julie)!  They really keep me afloat these days.

Our new double stroller greeted me when we arrived home.  I was sure it would be the thing to turn the day around!  The events that followed can only be classified under "hilarious" now that it's all over.


Sit down to nurse the screaming Adalyn.

Ben insists we open the gigantic box right now.  For some strange reason, I start opening the box.  I didn't really think the logistics through.  As soon as I open it, he rummages through it all, strewing the items all across the floor while I'm helpless to stop him with a baby on the boob.

Eventually, Adalyn gets her belly full.  I lay her down to put the stroller together and she immediately begins her normal wailing.  Ben and I hurry through the assembly of the stroller.  He randomly shouts out "It's okay, sisser!" and "Uh oh, sisser sad!" while "helping me" put the behemoth together.  Once it's assembled, I decide we need to go out for a stroll as a dip in the temperature is expected and this might be our last chance for a week.

I strap Adalyn in and she immediately cries.  No surprise there.  It is an all too familiar sound right now.  The cries turn to screams and eventually, to choking.  This is the way it goes.  I try to get Ben in a sweatshirt as quickly as my hands allow and hurry him along into the seat.  I suddenly realize I don't know how I'm going to get us out of the house.  The stroller is HUGE.  The only way out of the house, whatever door I choose, is down the stairs.  I opt for the sliding glass door and it barely fits through the frame.  All the while, Adalyn is still screaming.  We make it out the door as I realize I forgot my coffee.  Hey, a girl's gotta have her coffee and to-date, I have had none.  I was in too big of a rush in the morning.  I go back inside after my coffee, start pushing the stroller down the stairs and realize it's too steep and the baby is bound to fall out.  So I unstrap both children, which sends Ben into a series of tantrums, ending in on-the-ground-kicking-and-screaming-and-shrieking-and-so-on.  This sets Adalyn off more, and I try consoling her while pushing the gargantuan stroller down our deck stairs and keeping my coffee from falling out of the cupholder.  The front wheel falls off.

This can't be a good sign.

I get it back on while holding Adalyn and talking Ben off the ledge.  Finally the stroller is back in one piece and I strap both angry children into the stroller.  WE'RE GOING ON A WALK AND NOTHING WILL STOP ME.  I start pushing us and my coffee sloshes around everywhere.  Alright, I think.   Once we're off the grass and onto the pavement, my coffee will be just fine.  No such luck.  After dousing my (BRAND NEW!) cell phone in caffeine, I admit defeat and chuck the cup in my front yard.

A nice, quiet mile and a half later and I was feeling refreshed.   

Until we came home and Adalyn proceeded to cry the afternoon away while Ben protested nap time and never slept a wink.

Hey, these days are just part of the package of parenthood, right?  It was at least worth documenting.  I will survive. 

And then this one tiny moment in the midst of a terribly exhausting and trying day make everything so worth it.



You're two months old, baby girl!

It's so hard to believe that it was already two full months ago that I welcomed my little sweet pea into the world.  Time flies by too quickly once you have kids.  I want to stop time so badly. But at the same time, I adore watching Adalyn grow and change and develop into a person.  It's an internal struggle, for sure.  Stop growing...but keep growing!

Things have changed a lot since last month.  Adalyn coos and smiles and really interacts with us.  She stands pretty well if we hold her arms.  She likes to sit up and take in the world around her.  She especially smiles for her daddy.  He makes silly noises and she stares at him so intently, her face lighting up into one gorgeous little smile.  Her fussiness seems to get better every single day, though we occasionally have set-backs.  She's becoming a little girl, slowly but surely!

As for looks, she is definitely developing her own look, rather than looking like Ben's twin (though she still does look so much like him).  Just like Ben, she has lost almost all of her hair.  She has the cutest little nose and the chubbiest cheeks!  Maybe she'll be my chunky one?





Happy Anniversary to Us!

Three years ago today, Tim and I were just learning that it was too windy outside to have our planned outdoor Charleston beach wedding...that was set to go down in four hours!  The wind was so bad that it whipped up the sand against your skin, literally burning you.  I should have known.  My best friend, who lived in Charleston, warned me.  I think her exact words were, "Are you nuts?!  You can't have a beach wedding in March!  There are always gale force winds in Charleston in March!"  I guess I was nuts because I thought, meh, it won't happen to usThe weather will be beautiful and everything will work out perfectly.  Because that's what happens on your wedding day, right?  

We ran around like chickens with our heads cut off for a few hours, secured a new location and honestly, I'm happy it happened like it did.  It makes for a fun story.  We planned a new wedding in four hours!  That's cool, right?  And it was beautiful and perfect and the stuff dreams are made of.  Happy anniversary to the most amazing man walking this planet!  In honor of this day, I'm feeling sappy and sentimental and have decided to put together this little blog post.  

I met Tim in 2005.  We had six great months together. 

And then we broke up.  I wasn't in a good place in my life.  It's a long, long story, but we parted ways for about six months before I pursued the heck out of him all over again (yes, I was the pursuer the first time, too).  Then we got back together and things were perfect.  

And then we got engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  December 31, 2007, to be exact.

And then our crazy, awesome, perfect wedding day on March 8, 2008.

I bawled like a baby when I saw Tim.

We found out Ben was on his way the very next month.  Since then, in three short years, we have:
Had a baby.

Bought our first home, moving to Kansas City.

Tim started his own business.

Then we had another baby.

It's crazy how much life can change.  It really does happen in the blink of an eye. 

One thing that will never, ever change is my love for my husband.  Sure, I gripe.  I complain about stupid little things.  I probably even...nag.  Gulp.  And let's be real.  It's not like we don't fight or feel fed-up.  We're human.  But this man, this man that I pledged my life to, he's incredible.  He has this silly, goofy, adorable smile on his face all the time.

Even during a monster contraction!

He loves to vacuum.  How awesome is that?!  I probably would have married him on that knowledge alone.

He wears our babies.  There is something so beautiful about seeing a man wear his child. 

He wears 'em even when they clearly don't want to be worn.  Then it's not so much beautiful as hilarious.  And it makes for a great picture.

And I love him because he's not afraid, at 31 years old, to put boobs on snowmen and laugh about it like a fourth grader.

But probably the thing that stands out the most; the thing that makes me fall harder and deeper in love every single day, is the type of father this man is.  Amazing?  Incredible?  Nope, those words don't do it justice.  There isn't a word to describe the type of father he is.  Our kids are so incredibly lucky.

And I love him because he gave me the two most beautiful children in the world.  Well, in our opinion.  :)

I love ya, babe.  Here's to the rest of our life together!  It'll just keep getting better!


Mood Boards

Alright, I'm still stumped over here.  I know a lot of you mentioned I'd regret the white duvet because of the dirt, but our master bedroom really is (aside from the newborn stage) a kid-free zone most of the time.  Plus it's a duvet, so easily washable.  PLUS...I almost prefer it to black, which shows lint, fuzz and dog hair like whoa.  But in the interest of saving money, I love the idea of keeping our current duvet.  And a big plus here is that having a white duvet would allow for a quick and easy change when I got tired of the current color scheme.  Just toss some new throw pillows on the bed and a few accent pieces and the room would look brand new.

I really loved the idea of making curtains out of that fabric I have now become almost obsessed with, but when I realized it's $15/yd and that it would cost me almost $175 in fabric alone, I sadly bid adieu to that idea.

So.  That brings us to these options:



Picture the chair covered with my beloved fabric, as well as a throw pillow or two in said fabric.  The room would be painted the background color.  I am super excited about the idea of having some swing-arm lamps above the bed or maybe just these fixed wall lamps (bottom left corner).  Either way, I haven't been able to stop thinking about them since seeing them on Young House Love here.



Ah, my turquoise pick!  Definitely less soft and romantic, but bright and fun which I dig.  The background color would, again, be the wall paint color, which is basically the current color so I probably wouldn't even change it.  I really love grey these days, I just need lots of white and other bright colors to balance out the darkness of the grey.  Right now, with grey walls and black curtains and a black duvet, it's just TOO DARK.  I suppose I could probably even keep our current duvet with this option, huh?



And here's the cheapest of all options, keeping our current duvet.  I don't know if you can tell, but in the bottom right corner, there's a picture of a floating bedside table.  Tim is making us a couple, no matter which option we choose.  I love them and they'll save space, something we really need.  And it's probably obvious by now, but the background blue would be the color I paint the walls.

So, what's your favorite?  Please help me out and vote.  :)


What do you get...

...when you combine:

One sick toddler with a hole in his lip from falling and busting it open:



One baby who doesn't seem to like anything but an Ergo or a sling and a mama with a bad back:




An entire green smoothie poured onto the kitchen table and wood floors.


Mommy's entire water bottle dumped over on the wood floors.


Someone desperate for the weekend, otherwise known as "the time Daddy comes home and relieves Mommy for a couple of days."

Is it 5:00 yet?

PS - Okay, I suppose these few moments of peaceful serenity, when Adalyn is happy and I can just stare at this pretty face for a few minutes, make all the spilled drinks and piercing cries totally, 100% worth it.



A few weeks in {amateur} pictures.

My favorite of the 1097764878798 pictures I took in the past few weeks.








Snazzing up the master bedroom: color selection

Here's where I get SUPER stumped.  The whole color thing.  I always fall in love with a color (or color scheme), slap it on a wall and sulk.  If I were made of money and liked painting more, I'd probably re-paint a wall six times before I was happy with it.  I'm working with two different color schemes and I don't have a clue which one to go with.  All I know is that I like blue.  Help!

First things first, as long as we can get some needed tools, Tim will be building us this bed, courtesy of Ana White:


The bottom will be white, but I'm wanting to do a fabric headboard.  I am SO IN LOVE with this fabric I found on fabric.com:


Because I'm no good at matching prints, I have no idea if our current duvet will look good with this fabric.  Here's our current duvet.  Thoughts?


I'm thinking no, but sometimes I just don't have an eye for stuff like that.  I'm SO in love with this fabric that I'm debating getting a white duvet cover just to make this fabric headboard work.  Plus I love, love, love the hotel all-white thing.  So something like this:


For the wall color, I know that I definitely want to go with either this grey (quicksilver by Sherwin Williams):


Or this one (north star by Sherwin Williams):

Then I would paint the dresser (that we hopefully eventually get) white and sew up a few throw pillows in that same fabric or with a blue in that family.  I'd tie in some white curtains and a cream rug I've been drooling over with some small splashes of blue throughout the room.


So that's option one.  We're basically working with this scheme, which I love because it's soft and romantic and light:

Or we have option two.  Turquoise-ish/light blue!  It's probably my all-time favorite color and I think this next scheme would make the room really bright and fun, but I can't decide if I can let go of the "romantic" thing I'm after if it means getting my turquoise.  Here's the color I'm really drooling over:

(I have searched high and low and cannot for the life of me find the blog that I found this dresser on!  I am so sorry I can't give the credit where it's due - isn't it gorgeous?!)

In this case I'd keep our current bed set, slap up a white (or maybe turquoise if I'm feeling brave) headboard, stick with the same color walls and curtains as in the above scenario but paint the dresser the blue color and sew up some turquoise throw pillows for the bed. 

So we have this color scheme:


So do I go with soft & romantic or less romantic but bolder and more fun?