After Ben was born, I think I posted like ten pictures a day (at least!) for the first few months.  I was absolutely obsessed with capturing every little detail of his precious face and every little moment of his precious life and showing him off to everyone.  Funny how being a parent makes you a show-off.  But seriously, who doesn't think their kid is the cutest?!

Anyway, I wondered during this pregnancy if I'd be the same with baby girl or if, like many things the second time around, it just wouldn't seem as important to show her off.

Nah.  I think she's the cutest and I want everyone to know.  :)







She looks exactly like Ben did as a baby except that she has a completely different nose.  In every other way, though, I feel like I'm raising Ben all over again.  She's a perfect sleeper, doesn't cry (like literally ever) and is totally content to hang in my arms all day long and make cute little squeaky noises.  The newborn stage is just my all-time favorite.  I love every last second of it!


Adalyn's birth story.


Little Adalyn Mae was born on Friday, 1/14/11, at 9:47 a.m.  She was 8lbs, 1oz, exactly like her brother, and was 19" long.  It's taken me awhile to get this announcement up, but I guess that's life with two little ones for ya!  I rarely have more than a few minutes at a time to hop on the computer.

My contractions started up, like usual, on Thursday night as I was trying to fall asleep.  Instead of laying in bed and getting my hopes up like I normally do, I decided to just jump up and take a bath, something I knew would make my contractions go away because it always does.  This time, though, I continued to have contractions and then I felt a pop, similar to what I felt when my water broke with Ben.  But when I got out, I wasn't sure my water had actually broken.  I called the doctor anyway and she wanted us to come in, so we packed up and off we went.

We checked in and quickly found out that my water hadn't broken.  I was so discouraged and thought that we would be headed home shortly.  When they hooked me up to monitors, my contractions showed up.  I guess that was the little bit of hope I needed to hold onto.  I was still only 5 cm dilated, though, so they suggested I walk around.  I knew it would have the opposite effect since my contractions always stop when I get active.  Sure enough, I was right.

After walking for 30 minutes and not getting contractions, I opted just to lay down.  Pretty soon after,  my contractions started getting stronger, longer and closer together.  Each one hurt a little more than the last, and when they checked me a little while later I was 6 cm dilated.  I was pumped!

My doctor came in around 8:45ish Friday morning and broke my water.  I braced myself for what was to come, and very quickly I was hit with a monster contraction.  And then another, and another and I looked over at Tim and said something along the lines of, "I don't think I can do this without an epi, after all."  He and the nurse reminded me that it was just about getting through one contraction at a time and not too long after, I felt the urge to push.  More than that, my body started involuntarily pushing.  The nurse checked me and bolted out the door  to get the doctor, who was at her office in another part of the hospital.  I kept screaming at them that I needed the doctor there NOW, and after what seemed like an eternity, she finally ran in, gowned up and sat down just in time for me to push Addie out in one contraction!

It was AMAZING going natural and feeling every sensation, even if it was, by far, the worst pain of my life.  Adalyn is a beauty and the perfect baby.  She doesn't cry, she nurses like a champ, she makes the cutest little noises and she's just an angel.  Ben still isn't too sure what to think of his "sisser."  :)

And I just have to add in there that I accomplished my goal of only gaining 25 lbs this pregnancy!  Yippee!


She's coming!

Long story short:
  • Had appt today
  • Doc was on a delivery
  • Saw different doc who said I was 5 cm dilated and completely thinned out
  • She wanted me to be admitted and break my water since labor with Ben was so fast (and I was only at 2.5cm when labor with Ben started)
  • I waited for my doc to come back
  • She said she won't break my water without a little pitocin, which I'm really trying to avoid.
  • I said I wanted to go home and walk the baby out then
  • She said to come in with the next painful contraction and they'll go ahead and break my water if I want or just wait it out.  As long as I'm contracting, they won't use pit.  
So that's that.  It looks like she really might be here any day now.  But I couldn't help but cringe when the doctor told me not to make an appt next week because there's no way I'd make it.  Stop jinxing me, people!  


Shower recap!

I wasn't going to have a baby shower this time around because it's my second baby in two years and I just felt a little tacky about it all, but a super awesome chick from my church convinced me that all babies should be celebrated and then she and a friend put together the cutest little Garden Tea Party-themed baby shower!  I'm seriously blessed by the people in my life and I'm reminded of that every single day.  

So yesterday was the day, and I have to admit that I'm really surprised I made it to the shower...and to 39 weeks pregnant.  But I did, and I'm SO glad now that it's all said and done!  I wouldn't have wanted to miss that for the world.  I'm not so glad I'm still sitting around pregnant with lots of fake labor and not much sleep, but it's all worth it, right?  The end prize will make me forget all about this.

Without further adieu, some pictures from the shower!  (And thanks, Heather, for getting so many pictures because I totally forgot to take more!)





These awesome ladies ROCK!  The hostesses.  :)




And a belly shot - PLEASE LET THIS BE MY LAST!



The never-ending labor.

I've been totally avoiding my blog.  On purpose.  I feel like quite possibly the most negative person alive at this moment, so bear with me.

Ben was ten days early, which is the point I reach in this pregnancy tomorrow.  I originally thought that meant I'd go early again until my OB shot that theory down.  She said going early once rarely has a bearing on whether or not a woman goes early again, unless there was a medical reason for it the first time.  So I tried my hardest to shift that strong mental urge that said baby would be here early.  By the end of November, I was feeling pretty good about accepting a late baby.  I could totally deal!

Then came the infamous 36 week appointment.  The cervix check revealed that I was 3 centimeters dilated and 80% effaced, which I was simultaneously stoked and scared about.  After all, I didn't want her here too early, but I could totally deal with her being somewhat early if she was ready and healthy.  The doctor had to really drive the point home with, "any day now," leaving me panicked and rushing through my long list of things still left to do.

Then one week rolled by.  I had a few episodes of false labor that lasted 4+ hours each time.  Both times I was convinced that "this was it."  Let me rewind for a second.  With Ben, I never had a real contraction until after my water broke.  I guess I also never realized how lucky I was.  Because this time?  This time has been insane.  I didn't know what minor contractions felt like because my first one with Ben was pretty much as intense as my last.  I guess that's common if your water breaking initiates your labor.  You never have the weaker contractions.  Anyway.  So I go to my appointment last week and find out that I've made no change.  Alright, whatever.  I decided that I needed a good dose of positivity and to put this back in God's hands.  He knows when she's ready, after all, and this is all His timing.  Besides, being negative doesn't really help the situation.

A few more episodes of false labor leave me really drained because it always happens during the night and I end up awake all night with nothing to show for it come morning.  No contractions, nothing.  So this week I think, maybe!  Just maybe I've made a little progress.  Especially after being awoken to some strong contractions last night that kept me up the rest of the night.  But no.  My appointment this morning revealed that I've once again made no change, except that baby is super low, whatever that means.  I just wish I knew what was going on with all the stop-and-start labor.  What does it mean?  I've heard it could mean a mispositioned baby, so I've been working on some exercises to help her get into place.  I guess time will tell!


I can do this!  I can get through these last few weeks!  Right?