It's finally (almost) done!

We made a mad dash to finish the nursery after being told that baby girl will be here any day, and I'm happy to say it's almost done!  And it's definitely done enough for her to come, and now that I'm officially 37 weeks and full term, she's allowed to come when she so chooses.  Judging from the massive size of my belly, I'm thinking she's good and big and ready now.

So...I suppose it's sharing time, eh?

Here she is from the door!


I wanted to go with a fun rug, but in an effort to be frugal, we just used what we had on hand from Ben's old nursery.  Honestly, I think it works really well and I ended up being totally happy with it.  Plus, we saved some moolah!

And the other view:


Pardon all the incomplete tasks and try to use your imagination.  Her wall shelves need to be filled (ideas?),  the refinished dresser needs new hardware, and that little message board making her floor all cluttered will be getting repurposed into a bow holder sometime soon.

Then there's her crib and glider.  I had new (hot pink!) cushions made for her glider that I am in love with!  Several people recommended baby pink instead of hot pink and I wondered if I was going to regret the bold hot pink, but I totally don't.  Hot pink is just my thing, so I'm happy I braved up and went bold.  I tried a hot pink crib sheet but I couldn't find one to match the glider at all, so I scrapped the idea and just went with a white sheet and hot pink blanket to tie it in somehow.  I'm also in the process of making her a mobile.  It's about half done, so maybe it'll be finished before she gets here.  Maybe not.  And some day I'll get around to making her crib skirt and pillow for the glider out of the curtain fabric.  Someday...


We had some family pictures taken by an awesome photographer friend a few months ago, and we had this one blown up into an 18x24 picture and I mod podged it onto an old canvas from Ben's room to hang above her crib.  I LOVE it because it's personalized, not just some ole nursery art we picked up off etsy or something.


And because it's fun and I love it, here's another shot of the glider.  Eeeeee!  And it's so much comfier than the old cushions!


We have a tiny closet to work with, so I did my best at cramming everything in there without it looking too crazy, but it's not exactly pretty.


So...there's still some work to be done but it's at least ready for a baby and I'm so happy with how it all turned out!  Success!  And we didn't really spend that much, which I'm super proud of.  I made the curtains (and got the fabric dirt cheap on ebay!), we rigged up the cornices on the cheap (like, REALLY cheap...I'm almost embarrassed to say how it's all put together but here are a few words: duct tape, staple gun, foam board), the crib, glider, bookshelf and rug are all Ben's old things and the dresser was a $30 craigslist score!  With some elbow grease and paint, it looks brand new!  Even all the clothes in her closet were practically free thanks to some amazing friends.  The new cushions were a bit pricey, but that came out of my Christmas money so I kind of don't even factor it into the cost of the nursery.  

Look at the size of that stomach!  I'd say she's GOTTA be ready, right?  I mean, that is one huge baby!


This was kinda fun to see the transformation in process:


Get that bag packed - and birthday goodies!

Yesterday, my mom, Ben and I headed to my 36 week prenatal appointment.  I was expecting another week just like last week, finding out I hadn't progressed at all.  I'll admit that I totally wanted to hear that I  had progressed a little, but I wasn't prepared for what I actually found out.

"You're every bit of 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced."  She finished it off with, "This baby will be here any day."  Wait, wha?  Any day now?  Um, I'm only 36 weeks pregnant.  I never made it to 3 cm and 80% effaced with Ben before my water broke.  Well, at least that I know about.  The last appointment, two days before he was born, I was about 2.5 cm dilated and 80% effaced and the doctor told me basically the same thing as I heard yesterday.  I believe her exact words were, "I don't think you'll make it to next week's appointment."  And she was right!  (I know what you're thinking.  "Serves her right for complaining last week about how she was going to be pregnant forever!"  Yeah.  I guess things really can change in a hurry.)

The good news is that I know these checks don't really mean much of anything.  A woman can walk around 4 centimeters dilated for weeks on end while another can go in, be told she's high and closed, and go into labor a few hours later.  But I also know that being effaced is more telling that dilation, at least according to things I've read and been told, and I can't help but compare this to my last experience.  Plus I've been having lots of contractions.  I had an early labor scare on Saturday where I had fairly regular contractions for hours.  Luckily they petered out, but they obviously helped progress me.

Yesterday was a whirlwind of panic and excitement.  Mom and I headed out to finish up all the baby shopping and then Tim and I pulled everything up from the basement last night to clean and sanitize.  We still have to put the actual crib together tonight and get the car seat installed, but I'm pretty proud of how much we accomplished in a 24 hour period!  I started out the morning with a HUGE list of things still to be done before baby came and tucked myself into bed knowing that if she were born overnight, we'd survive just fine.  :)

So...who knows...maybe the next post from me will be a baby announcement!  If you're the praying type, though, we could use a few prayers that she holds off for at least another week.  I would feel much more comfortable knowing that I'm 37 weeks pregnant.

In equally as exciting news, Ben's second birthday was Monday and his party was Sunday.  It was appropriately Elmo-themed and Ben had a ball!  His friends came over to celebrate and they ate cupcakes and demolished his playroom.  It's so wild to think that my little "baby" is a big boy now.  Where does the time go?  I remember typing up these end-of-pregnancy status reports with Ben like it was yesterday.  I remember SO vividly holding him for the first time, staring at his gorgeous baby face, so overwhelmingly in love and awe.  Those feelings have all multiplied daily since his birth, but I just can't get over how fast they grow and change.  I love you more than words, my big boy!





Yesterday's post, UPDATED!

As predicted, I'm still sitting at 1 cm dilated and not effaced one single bit.  My doc was all chipper about it, like, "Oh wow, you're 1 cm dilated!  That's great!"  I looked at her blankly like, "Woman, don't mess with all 3,000 lbs of me right now."  I guess it would be great if I didn't have all my stats from Ben's pregnancy written down and easily accessible for me to obsess about.  At this same point in my pregnancy with Ben, I was 2 cm dilated and EIGHTY PERCENT EFFACED, which is what's supposed to matter more anyway.    So that settles it.  I will absolutely not be early this time around and I can plan on knowing what it feels like to be 40+ weeks pregnant.  If someone had been kind enough to ask me, I would have preferred to go late the first time, when I wasn't absolutely miserable and in pain almost every minute of the day.  But, you know, it's whatever.

I suppose she's also going to be a monster.  The doc thinks she's 6.5 - 7 pounds already and I was measuring two weeks ahead.  And obviously, judging from yesterday's picture, she IS a giant!

Let me just sprinkle a little positivity into my life, though.  I will enjoy these last few weeks as a family of three.  I'll soak up every ounce of one-on-one time with Ben that I can get and I will stop obsessing over every cramp, contraction, etc.  I'll start appreciating the kicks, even the ones that leave me clutching the nearest piece of furniture.  Because I know that once she's here, I'll miss them like crazy.  There's something about having a child inside you that is just indescribable.  Even in the throws of horrendous pain, just knowing that she's always with me is...awesome.


Big ole' bellies.

Pregnant bellies!  What can I say, I'm a sucker for pregnant bellies.  Even my own!  Which is why, although I've slacked on almost all other parts of this pregnancy in comparison to Ben's, I still take my weekly belly pictures.  My favorite part toward the end is comparing them, week to week.  For me at least, that's when I notice the most difference.  I was shocked to see the difference between this week's picture and last week's, though!  Girlfriend definitely changed her position.  I feel like she's dropped a little (in other words, I can breathe!), but I'm not sure now if she dropped or if she just grew straight out!  Anyway, appease me.  :)


Tomorrow I have my first "official" cervix check.  I've already been checked twice thanks to contractions, though, so my money is on still being 1 cm dilated.  We shall see!  This is where the pregnancy gets REALLY exciting!


Sneak peek!

I'm totally not in the blogging mood lately (obviously), but I at least have to pop on here and share a VERY SMALL sneak peek of the nursery in progress.  It's completely in disarray right now, but it makes me happy just to see it all coming together so I have to share.


The dresser is mostly done with the exception of reattaching the painted handles, the curtains are done but not hung because I'm making cornices to go over the curtains.  Rather than drop $500 on a new glider like I'd originally planned, I just ordered new, fluffier cushions in pink.  Can't wait 'til they're done!  I still have quite the to-do list to finish up her nursery, but at least it's underway and I've been super happy with everything so far!