A father's day goodie!

Now I can elaborate a bit on my last post. On Mother's Day, while in South Carolina, we found out that we're expecting baby #2 on January 16, 2011. We thought it was only fitting to spread the news on Father's Day! And yes, I guess I just make Winter babies. If it holds true for me that each subsequent baby comes earlier than the last, this might end up being another Christmas baby. :/

This pregnancy has already been completely different than the last, at least from my memory (which isn't saying much). I've been sick as a D-O-G. The sight of a vegetable leaves me running for the bathroom and the idea of getting off the couch is pretty much laughable. So my blog suffered and I can't promise it won't continue to suffer until I can break myself out of this pregnancy funk! Making Ben lunch takes so much of my energy that I need a nap afterward. Seriously. I'm a bum these days. But we're SO excited! Baby makin' is FUN!


PS - I'm finally getting the redesign rolled out. There's still some stuff to be done, but thanks to Becca for her help with my header!